Air as an invisible catalyst, allows mammals to breathe and plants to photosensitise. It is neutral and ever-present, only made visible by the movement it causes. In the same way, Terrarial seeks to empower the individual to become a creative vessel seamlessly moving through trees and buildings. Ghostly and ephemeral, it opposes the static clutter of every day, inspiring growth instead.

Terrarial enables the wearer to be strong without disrupting her surroundings, allowing for inspiration and creativity to happen naturally, the way photosynthesis fuels growth and beauty in nature. Natural fabrics in pure white anticipate quiet reflection. Skin peeping through sheer textures and stark crops seek to embody the nuanced mood of such a mysterious spirit that is not quite of the earth, not quite of the heavens.

In memory of the invisible forces that enable life, Terrarial embodies this invisible but ever-present “nothingness” through garments that follow the curves of the body, allowing the wearer to seamlessly fit into and move through any space. Delicate but not meek, Terrarial empowers the wearer to move within her world, to be lifted and to transcend the visible things of this earth.

Model: Ariel
Photographer: Gabbi-Lee Smith
Styling: Kristi Vlok