Pretty Bones

In the shadows of the world lay all things macabre, waiting to engulf us with its darkness. The designer blatantly explores all things that should stay hidden and transforms the wearer into a fierce but feminine creature.

Stripped of colour, one sinks away in the textured fabrics and is then subtly seduced by skin lurking through sheer silk. The use of hide and animal sculls transcends the design from this earth to that of ritual, voodoo and dark magic. The feminine silhouettes starkly juxtapose against the stark and direct subject matter.

Pretty Bones is a small range that breaks boundaries of expectation and convention. It challenges the wearer not to see darkness as a threat, but as a soft and silent hiding place. To show that there is beauty within unexpected things.

Photographer: Bernard Brand
HMUA: Anya Potgieter
Model: Kate Espley-Jones (Boss Models)