Life Aquatic

Drawing inspiration from the ethereal Bakoven beach, Life Aquatic embraces the textures found in and around the waters of this hideaway where angular coral, rugged boulders and delicate anemones, urchins and other small creatures are highlighted and brought to life by the shimmering cool of the ocean. The exotic, yet earthen Bakoven cosmos can be felt in the movement of the garments, delicately layered beading and the intricate details of the graphic print. Wool manipulated into textured layers, mimics the sea creatures found in the pools.

The 100% pure woollen coats, billowing skirts, and constructed leotards showing off custom-designed prints brilliantly capture the mood of this corner of the ocean. The colour palette dives into the blue-grey and turquoise pools sunbathe on the nude-grey, speckled rocks towering over bright orange crabs and embraces the melancholic brown and mossy-green kelp.

Life Aquatic exists to inspire the spirit of the ocean in people and leave them in awe of the delicately paradoxical world of the deep blue. The movement of the textures, use of layering and the specific colour spectrum is a homage to the moody immortality of the sea.

Styling: Kristi Vlok