Floral opulence and delicate confectionaries guided the design of the dresses, recalling the drama of the Victorian past. Stripped of the noise of colour, decadence manifests in the design through a tension between age-old fabrics and modern construction creating rich details, private but elaborate enough to fill the muted, dreamy aristocratic diary, not the history books.

The dresses flirt with your senses by using cool, delicate silk chiffon, golden Turkish brocade, pearls and silk, coupled with the warm and heavy textures of hemp and animal skins – a surprising experience of texture and movement that has become the signature experience of a Sheila-Madge Bakker garment.

Feminine silhouettes are magnified and dramatised by clusters of laser-cut floral patterns deliberately placed to accentuate the tiny waists and angular limbs of the modern woman, without making the designs look bulky. Instead, delicate flowers move as if blooming from the hips celebrating the feminine allure as she glides through crowds mesmerised by her glowing lightness.

Photographer: Michelle Gerber
Model: Megan Gerber