Black Lips

This particular collaboration was inspired by Andel Olivier and Sheila-Madge Bakker’s mutual love for unexplained phenomena, nature and growing up in South Africa.

The collection explores the versatility of African art and the different ways other cultures borrow from the African identity. With exposure to new cultural influences, it is twisted into something unique. The main Exploration was that of the Louisiana Bayou. Trade slaves from Africa were sent to work on the plantations and farms in Louisiana. Situated near the swamps, it was the perfect breeding ground for the use of African Mysticism and the practice of sympathetic magic to conjure up their type of magic known as Voodoo. Voodoo, contrary to popular belief was mainly used for good, not evil. The theme is used loosely to enclose a philosophy more than a direct idea. We wanted to showcase just how influential the African diaspora has been on an international level for centuries.

A combination of block-printed textiles, embroidery, knitting and beading is explored in celebration of skill sets unique to South Africa.

Design: Sheila-Madge
Illustration: Andel Olivier
HMUA: Liezl Leach
Model: Phetogo (Boss Models)
Styling: Kristi Vlok
Assistants: L’mri Erasmus & Blunke Janse van Rensburg
Photos: Chris Saunders
Special thanks to Barry for the garden