Exploring the female form, the designer reimagined the Lolita trope, grounding it in youthful freedom, thus highlighting the allure of youth itself, void of blatant sexuality. The fragility of youth and health is incorporated and feminised by the soft-coloured bodysuits, creating a tension between innocence and confidence. Relying on androgynous designs, the outfits highlight this allure of the female form by letting it speak for itself – it encourages the wearer to rely on her natural confidence and timelessness.

Making use of synthetic textiles, the designer chose athletic textures that are not glamorous, nor feminine, opting instead for optimal freedom of movement and comfort, aligning the priorities of Barre with the needs of a woman who is not compensating any part of herself to adapt to the hegemony of the world. She walks above it, ageless, feminine and glowing. Barre is the sport of seductive confidence and the enchantment of innocence.

Photographer: Kent Andreason
Styling: Julia Campbel-Gillies

These designs were featured in C-Heads Online Magazine.