Bali Ha’i

Bali Ha’i is a show tune from the film South Pacific. It refers to a mystical island, visible, but unreachable. The character, “Bloody Mary”, lures the soldiers of the South Pacific into the Utopian of the unknown. Sheila-Madge created a range that reflects the romanticism within all things mysterious, enticing the wearer to step into a dreamy reality between past and present, between minimal and frivolous.

Plunge necklines, raised waists and haunting traces of beading delicately mimic the whimsical, airy state of a dreamscape. Sheer fabrics in off-white are effortless whispers, and strong silhouettes shape into textured clouds, just as the sea and sky come together into a nihility.

This range is for an individual who does not conform to the traditional but still has a longing for innocence. Someone with the ability to let go, trusting in the promises the unknown future holds.

These dresses have elevated aesthetics but attainable price points. For more information, send an email to

Photos: Bernard Brand
Models: Dionne Chen; Melissa Orren; Monica Bock (all Boss Models JHB)
Make-up: Annice Roux
Clothing: Sheila-Madge